Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Ventilation Systems

“Cooling for Efficiency and Profit”

40' Conex HC Container

Cryptocurrency ventilation

The powerful Bitcoin mining rigs run 24/7 and produce massive amounts of heat. A single S19 Miner can generate 11000 BTUs which is a heavy load when considering you may have hundreds of miners in a small space.  To optimize the miner’s performance and avoid heat damage, the data center must have good ventilation. In a large data center, this means a constant flow of fresh clean air and uninterrupted monitoring of the internal environment of the facility.

To guarantee the best conditions for mining, the ventilation setup typically includes spot ventilation and general air movement through the high heat areas. Industrial intake louvers with air filters followed on an opposite wall of exhaust fans are a typical and effective layout. The air moving fans and other equipment are available in a variety of sizes. The size, type, and quantity of equipment vary with the ventilation needs of the facility as well as the available power supply. In good consideration, many facilities will install an extra fan to allow for maintenance on units without causing interruptions in system performance.