Equipment Needed for Crypto/Bitcoin Ventilation

“Fans, Louvers, Air Filters, Controls”

Integrating suitable ventilation system components involves a detailed review of the data center miners, heat output, manufacturer flow requirements, and location conditions. We evaluate all contributing factors, including the building/structure construction, square footage, enclosure volume, outdoor climate, available power, and rig arrangement. The critical ventilation components of a crypto/bitcoin mining facility include:

Belt drive wall fans for area exhaust of a Crypto mining container.

Cryptocurrency ventilation fans

Fans – Wall fans

Drawing air through the enclosure, whether a fixed building location or a mobile container, requires multiple exhausting wall fans to move the large volume of outside air required.  These fans are belt or direct driven depending upon size and quantity needed and are driven with high-efficiency motors controlled by Variable Frequency Drives.  Fans are monitored and modulated based on internal structure temperatures by temperature sensors.

Fans – Roof exhausters

Roof-mounted fans are another design that moves large air volumes out of larger fixed facilities where wall space is minimal.  Fans are direct or belt-driven with integral backdraft dampers that close when fans are shut down.  Motor horsepower is minimized because of the large amount of overall energy requirements of the mining rigs.

Upblast roof mounted exhaust fans; part of a Crypto Mining Ventilation package.

Cryptocurrency ventilation exhaust fans

 Crypto mining data center intake louver assemblies.

Cryptocurrency ventilation louvers

Louvers – Intake louvers

Wall louvers are sized to minimize entrainment of rain with intake velocity kept low.  The selection of louver depth and quantity of louvers is based on fan exhaust volumes and the pressure curve of the fan (s).  They are constructed of aluminum or galvanized material.

Intake Hoods

Intake hoods are a design option where weather conditions demand them.  They are custom designed and prevent entrainment of rain and snow.

Inlet hood on a container

Cryptocurrency ventilation container intake hood

Filtered Crypto Mining room outside air intake showing intake louvers and air filter grid.

Bank of air filters used on the intake of a cryptocurrency ventilation system

Air filters

The air quality of outside air used for cooling will determine if air filters are required and if so, what efficiency is required.  Air filters are positioned behind the intake wall louvers in a filter holding frame grid. Each filter is held in place by clips fixed to metal frames. The air filter efficiency is selected based on the outside environment and maybe a reusable or throw-away design.  The quantity of filters is based on airflow and pressure drop through the structure and is directly related to the fan performance horsepower requirements.

More Equipment

Backdraft dampers may be used to control air movement through the enclosure.  Again, size and quantity is based on minimizing pressure drop and horsepower of the fan(s).

Although the electrical design package is based on the electrical needs of the miner, fan speed and airflow volume can be control with variable frequency drives.

Crypto Mining VFD fan controls.

Cryptocurrency ventilation system controls